Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about opening hours, delivery or warranty? See if the answer is in the frequently asked questions.

1 Order
1.1 Does MobiLED have everything on stock?

Yes, we deliver everything you see on the website directly from stock. Unless it is explicitly mentioned. Then it concerns new models which will come in very soon.


1.2 I can't find what I need

If you have specific wishes and cannot find it directly on the website, please let us know. We like to work with you and can also order specially for you, tel + 31 85 2007056 or mail [email protected]


1.3 Can I still change the order I have already placed?

No, an order that has been placed and paid for can no longer be changed. If you want to add products, you can place a new order for the extra products. Indicate in the comments field that the two orders can be combined. If the first order has not yet been sent, the shipping costs will be refunded.

Do you want to know exactly what is possible? Please contact us during office hours, tel + 31 85 2007056.


1.4 Will I receive an invoice?

Yes. After completing your order you will receive an order confirmation at the e-mail address you used to place your order. The invoice is attached. If you have not received an e-mail (also check the Spam folder) then something may have gone wrong with the e-mail address you provided. Please contact us at tel + 31 85 2007056 or e-mail [email protected]


1.5 Are the prices on the website inclusive or exclusive of tax?

The prices on the website include the Dutch VAT rate of 21%. Between brackets is the price excluding VAT.

Customers outside the Netherlands pay the VAT rate applicable in their country instead of the Dutch VAT rate of 21% (According to the EU VAT Directive). The total price on the invoice will therefore be lower for French, German and Luxembourg citizens, but higher for Scandinavians. Belgium and the Netherlands have the same VAT rate.

Of course MobiLED has to pay this VAT to the EU country where the customers are located.


1.6 I am an entrepreneur. Can I buy without VAT?

Yes, that is possible. If you are located outside the Netherlands, the delivery address is not in the Netherlands and you have a valid VAT number, then the VAT is shifted. By filling in your VAT number when ordering (without dots and spaces), you will receive after the completion of your order an invoice without VAT by email.


The validity of a VAT number is checked via the official website of the European Union: VIES The Dutch tax authorities do not accept other sources.


1.7 I would like to request a quotation. Is that possible?

MobiLED charges competitive internet prices. We can do this by smart purchasing and working efficiently. Through the website you can see the price of your intended order. For an amount less than €3.000,- we will not make a quotation.


1.8 Why do I get payment reminders?

When you have placed your order but have not yet paid, this order will be saved for 7 days. During this period you will receive payment reminders. When MobiLED has not received a payment after this week, the order will be cancelled.

If you have placed an order but do not wish to receive it, you can cancel the order in your account. If you do not have an account you can send an email to [email protected] to cancel your order. This will also stop the payment reminders.

2 Delivery
2.1 If I order today, when will it be shipped?

In general, all orders paid for before 17:00 hours on business days will be shipped the same day. In the Netherlands the order is normally delivered the next working day by the carrier. Orders to foreign countries take longer to deliver.

If you need the lights urgently, please contact MobiLED to see what is possible, tel + 31 85 2007056.


2.2 Can I track my order?

On the day that your order is transferred to the carrier MobiLED will send you an e-mail. A few hours later you will receive an e-mail from the carrier with the track & trace code. With this code you can follow your package in the system of the carrier. For this purpose, the e-mail address with which you placed the order will be used. It is therefore important that the email address is entered correctly.


If you have not received an email from us 1 business day after payment of your order (also check the Spam folder), please contact us, tel + 31 85 2007056. Perhaps the email address is incorrect and you will not receive track & trace data from the carrier.


If you have been waiting for your order for more than 2 business days after payment, check the status of the shipment on the carrier's website. Sometimes they require additional information from you to make the delivery. The sooner they have it, the sooner it will be delivered. When a parcel cannot be delivered it will remain at a depot or Parcelshop for a few days before it is returned to MobiLED. Also read the frequently asked questions under the heading "I missed the deliverer. What happens now?"


2.3 I missed the delivery man. Now what?

If you were not at home at the time the carrier was at the door, then he has left a note in your letterbox. This note contains information about the next delivery moment or the address where your order has been dropped off (e.g. at a neighbour's or at a Parcelshop). It also contains instructions on how to view the status of your package with the track & trace code and how to change the delivery time if necessary. MobiLED has no influence on the Parcelshop selection of the carrier. Sometimes there is no note left behind but only an e-mail sent to the e-mail address you used to place the order.


The note will state until which date you can collect the parcel from the Parcelshop. Normally the carrier leaves it there for 7 days. After that it will be returned to MobiLED. Costs will be charged to MobiLED. After receiving the package, we will contact you to agree on the delivery address and the payment of shipping costs. Because when we resend the order to you, we will charge shipping costs.


2.4 Can I collect my order at your company?

Yes, you can but only by prior appointment. If you call in advance you can be sure that we have time for you, tel + 31 85 2007056.


2.5 Why do you charge for shipping?

Free shipping does not exist. At least, we haven't found the courier to deliver your order for free. With free shipping, the shipping costs are included in the price of the product. 

We are committed to our customers and therefore have a transparent price structure. The shipping costs are calculated per order. So you never pay more than necessary.

3 General
3.1 Does MobiLED have a shop?

No, we sell through the internet. Our website is the shop window.

If you want to pick up a placed order, if you want to try the lights on your car or if you want personal advice, please call us to make an appointment. You are welcome at MobiLED in Rijen. We kindly ask you to call in advance to ensure we have time for you and you do not have to wait at a closed door, tel +31 85 2007056.


3.2 Does MobiLED also install the lamps I purchased?

No, we sell lamps and give advice but we do not install them. If you encounter a problem during installation, we are happy to help (during office hours). Also, on the website are installation diagrams and descriptions for flash units.


3.3 What are MobiLED's business hours?

The webshop is open 24 hours a day. However, the MobiLED team requires some sleep. We are available on working days from 9:00 to 17:00.


3.4 Does MobiLED offer sponsorship?

Yes indeed, we sponsor among others Ruttchen Powerrr... In 2018 we were on the podium, number 2!!!

We have a limited sponsorship budget and handle it carefully. Applications for barrel races and garbage runs are therefore dropped. But if you want to do something special, with a decent plan, you can contact us. One of the questions we will ask you is "What is in it for us? Think about that before you call.

4 Return and warranty
4.1 Can I exchange my order?

If, after you have placed and paid an order, you would rather have another product or another colour, we recommend that you place and pay a new order. This way you will receive the products faster.

If we have not shipped the original order yet, we will block it in the shipping process. The invoice amount will be credited to you. If it has been shipped, you can return the order after receipt. See the FAQ "Can I return my order?"


4.2 Can I return my order?

Yes. As a consumer you can return your order within 14 days after receipt. For business customers, this period is 8 days.

There are a few guidelines:

Always contact us before returning your order, tel 085 2007056 (during office hours) or [email protected]

  • - products which have been ordered especially for you
  • - products which are sold per meter (except if it concerns an unbroken roll)
  • - demo models and promotional products
  • - products of which the original packaging is broken. This includes blister packs
  • - products with traces of use

The return costs are for your account.

To avoid any delay in the handling, please add a note with the order number to the return shipment. See our Shipping & Return Policy for details.


4.3 Is a warranty provided?

Yes, of course. When a product fails within 1 year from the invoice date, it may be covered by warranty. See for claiming warranty the chapter "How do I claim warranty?"


Summarized, a warranty claim expires when:

  • - the defect is a consequence of external damage which cannot be attributed to MobiLED, for example collision, storm damage, incorrect installation, incorrect use, etc.
  • - alterations have been made to the product without the approval of MobiLED, for example wiring in the product has been changed, the product has been repainted, et cetera.

See our terms and conditions, article 8 for details.


Light condensation on the inside of the product is not covered by the warranty. Condensation occurs when warm and moist air in a space can not find an outlet. Because the lamp heats up when it burns, the air inside the lamp also heats up. Due to the temperature difference between the warm air and the cold glass, water vapour becomes liquid. Lamps with a breather suffer less condensation because the air can escape. A breather should therefore never be blocked for long periods by e.g. paint or a layer of mud.


Paint damage can be caused by dust, sand, grit, salt, etcetera. Damage to the paintwork due to oxidation is seen as an external influence and is therefore not covered by the warranty.


By mounting products on a push bar, bull bar or after market bumper instead of directly on the vehicle, vibrations are magnified. This increases the chance of the mounting brackets coming loose or snapping off.This is seen as improper mounting and is therefore not covered by the warranty.


Tightening of plastic mounting points should always be done with care. When it is overtightened, the plastic will crack or break. This is seen as improper assembly and is therefore not covered by the warranty.


On products which are bought at MobiLED for own use and are afterwards sold to third parties, no warranty is given.


4.4 How do I claim warranty?

For a swift warranty processing, please contact us before returning your order, tel +31 85 2007056 or e-mail [email protected] We will ask questions about the use and the defect. Please have the original order number at hand.

Depending on the defect, we may ask you to return the product. Sometimes it is sufficient for us to receive a picture of the defective product on which you can see that it has been made unusable. For example by cutting the wiring very short. This saves a trip to the post office. But do not make the product unusable before you have consulted MobiLED.

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